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Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum Cleaner Electric Window Cleaner washer robot

Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum Cleaner Electric Window Cleaner washer robot

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Change the life

Start with intelligence
Intelligent AI 3 times cleaning power

The trouble of washing windows in life.

1、Tired of work, but also to do housework
2、Exterior window climbing is dangerous
3、Housekeeping is super expensive

Wisdom 3 Cleaning System

‘Core Dynamics’
Make you love doing housework

Artificial Intelligence Technology Control System
microcomputer implanted in the human brain,
controlled remotely with a remote control
control and automatically causes the body to perform such
tasks like erasing, defining boundaries, and navigating paths.

Technology in everything

5600pa strong suction, firmer and more assured
7.6cm ultra-thin body can enter and exit the window anti-theft net at will
15 meters ultra long distance remote control
360 degree full coverage cleaning cloth with stronger cleaning power

Deep clean without leaving any stains
Bird droppings, dirt, water stains, etc. are easily removed

Multiblade centrifugal wind turbine

6000 revolutions per minute, more power, double the cleaning power
Low noise 60db

W3 system intelligent edge detection

Built-in W3 system detection sensor, intelligently detect the edge of glass, identify and automatically plan area cleaning, automatically change direction, no need to worry about falling!

Spider-Man 2 Generation UPS Backup Power

Even when the power cord is unplugged, it can be firmly attached to the window without the risk of falling
With the safety rope, W3 edge detection system, triple safety guarantee!

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